sâmbătă, 25 iunie 2016


lyrics Wish Neculce

eyed cat sick
He's looking
at me
From shadow
my contestants
prepare hunting
my falls
we are
"which on which"
the sounds of the night
at one piano with keyboards rusty
Children put a rainbow
in the pocket
brutality has nails of
assorted fruit
so throw a finger incarnated
of a furious gaze firmly fixed
we learned
the same waiting
and yet the
end guard
not yet come my claws
eat from cat's claw
and they weave
fingers Wire
woman means my glass
like sadness of asphalt
nursing her babies
geometric leaps:
,, So is a simple illusion
For a moment
Keys twisted,,
and over flowers immortal
silver bullets

traducerea Cristian Alina

multumesc! :)

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