luni, 13 iunie 2016


1.Pilgrims of peace

keep your fists
in the silent
of peace
in the shadow of the bitter glances
I told him and I made myself shalop and
I laid myself bridge over
a flaming river
our steps have dropped down the desert
seeding rain in the icon of death
curious eyes have broken
drifting to the roots of the hole
I stood and even I sang
the mandolins trembled in suffering
gimpy and armless and blind singers with
mauled fingers didn’t ask
they have springs in the empty belly of the winters
over our waiting  shoulders flowers
white from the chestnut of life have stired

ohh you crippled
you face
towards sunsets wake up again
the deer and ask them to quiver
the hot juice of the grass
from the  dried grass and bring us news from beyond
time from other ages
and mingle us
in herbs – smile of
the green fields at
the edge of the soul

2.The beggars of peace

(I need peace……we needed peace)
thee can do make like
beggar soul from
living statues
and we siting
in peacefully
at confabulation
like a
by lip of sky
we wanted the lights
to us finish
the flight or
the chest
let us be filled
with silver bullets
Do not be afraid,, I say
Death is the still an
crone wiped
pale commonplace
bizarre smile on the lips
our children of one day

3.I seek peace .........

I hear the  heaven
of darkness
my hand so stretches
like a trail of blood
the world
drain the peace
I hear weeping
the sky
at the edge of the body
like the flower raised on
my shoulders weaken
so rise much
too high
the peace was built
in me
there is not harm

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